I’m New Here


We are so happy you have decided to visit us and it is our hope that you will want to make Trinity your new church home! Listed below are items that you may find helpful as someone new to Trinity. Included is a Visitor form that we would love to have you complete. This will enable us to contact you and include you in any special mailings we may send out. There is also a Comment section on the form where you may ask any questions you may have. We are pleased you have joined us in worship!

How Do I Get Around?

Most people use the parking lot on Center Street. You will enter the building through the door on Center Street. As you come in, you will see an elevator to your right. On the wall to the right of the elevator is a door with a stairway that will take you to level 1 and 2. Directly in front of you as you enter is a short flight of steps. At the top of these steps and to the left is the Church Office which is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you turn to the right and follow the hallway, this is the “B” level. Here you will find the Education wing where the Community Room, Sunday school classrooms and Nursery are located. Restrooms are located on all levels.


We offer two worship services on Sunday mornings.

The early 8:30 am service is held in our Upper RoomYou will find it by pressing “2” on the elevator or taking the steps to the right of the elevator to the Upper Room level. This service offers a smaller, more intimate setting as we worship through a variety of music, prayer and the morning’s message.

Our 10:30 am service is held in our Main Sanctuary. You will find the Sanctuary by pressing “1” on the elevator or by taking the steps to the right of the elevator to the Sanctuary & Trinity Hall level. Turn left into the Narthex as you come out of the elevator. This service is a traditional one with a variety of worship music including our wonderful choir and the lovely sounds of our pipe organ. We have a Children’s Moment during the service where your children can learn spiritual truths at their level. Afterward, children from pre-school to 5th grade are dismissed for Children’s Church. For your convenience, a fully-staffed nursery is also available for your children infant through toddlers. Our nursery is located in the Education Wing. This is also where you will find most of our Sunday School rooms. You can reach the Education wing by pressing “B” on the elevator or by taking the small flight of stairs you see as you come in the door and following the hallway to the right and around the corner.

Sunday School:

Our Sunday School classes are held at 9:30 am every Sunday morning. All of the children’s classes are held in the Education wing. We have an Adult class on this same level in the Community Room. In addition, there is an adult classroom just outside the Upper Room sanctuary and another one held in the Conference Room off the Narthex on the Sanctuary level. For more information about the classes, click on the link for the class you are interested in.

Adult Sunday School,   Children’s Sunday School


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